Chambering Rifles for Accuracy

Written for the serious gunsmithing student. This book discusses several methods that can be used to accurately chamber a rifle barrel. Along with some tricks of the trade that will improve your results on day one.

Chambering Rifles for Accuracy by Fred Zeglin

In Part I of the book Fred Zeglin teaches you all about accurate hunting rifles and discusses the variables that must be dealt with in order to create an accurate hunting rifle. This is the same college level material that Fred teaches in the classes he has taught.

In Part II Gordy Gritters, famed benchrest gunsmith, shares every secret he has learned over the last 30 years. Gordy finishes the book with a step by step process for bench rest barrel work. Gordy offers hands on classes so he knows how to teach his craft.

Whether you plan to build guns or not, each book in the series will provide a highly detailed and technical explanation of the subject at hand in a way that any gun lover will be able to understand. Professional or hobbyist will enjoy this read.

Third in the Gunsmith Student Handbook Series, Chambering Rifles for Accuracy has proven to be extremely popular. There are many planned titles for this series that will provide instruction in the correct and safe methods of gunsmithing, just like this title does.

123 pages, soft bound. Printed in the U.S.A.

ISBN# 978-0-9831598-5-8