Gunsmith Tools Cutters & Gauges - A Primer

A friend once told me I had the curse of knowledge. When I asked what exactly that meant? The explanation made a lot of sense to me; When you have been doing something for a lifetime you start to take knowledge for granted and assume everyone interested in the subject must know it too.

This is why defining nomenclature and terminology become so important.

Gunsmith Tools Cutters & Gauges - A Primer by Fred Zeglin

In "Gunsmithing Tools, Cutters & Gauges – A Primer" I worked with all the firearms industry companies making cutters, chamber reamers, taps and gauges for their input. We have a common goal that our customers and students know accurate and correct details concerning the design and function of tools. Everyone who manufactures, sells or rents tools to the gun trade has a clear interest in answering all the questions that commonly come our way concerning the tools of our trade.

The result is an old fashioned "Primer" on the subject of these tools. Merriam-Webster defines a primer as: A small introductory book on a subject or a short informative piece of writing. That is exactly what this book is designed to be. We are not teaching gunsmithing per se, rather how the tools are designed and made to make a gunsmith’s job easier and more profitable.

With the information provided by numerous authorities in the gun industry for this primer you are relying on the combined knowledge and experience of many qualified experts, equal to several hundred years of combined experience. What better way to jump start your knowledge base?! No one person knows everything. Whether you are new to the industry or someone who has been gunsmithing for years, there is something for you here that will make you more efficient and profitable.

75 Pages, Printed in the U.S.A

ISBN# 9780-9831598-6-5