Understanding Headspace for Firearms

This essay discusses headspacing guns and ammunition.

Understanding Headspace for Firearms by Fred Zeglin

A basic understanding of headspace and how it effects the proper operation of a firearm are necessary if you wish to call yourself a gunsmith. Otherwise all you will be able to do is change parts with the hope that somehow the problem will go away. This booklet contains all the information a gunsmith or reloader needs in order to understand and diagnose headspace in either the gun or the ammunition.

Fred Zeglin is an Author and Gunsmith. He has a unique understanding of headspace because he spent much of his nearly forty year career working with wildcat cartridges. This work requires that you understand headspace, beyond that, it forces you to analyze results. Fred has spent years teaching others to gunsmith, so he knows exactly what it takes to impart a clear understanding of the subject.

A clear understanding of headspace in firearms will increase the accuracy of your reloads and improve the longevity of your firearms. Not to mention, make your reloads and your firearms more reliable.

52 pages, soft bound. Printed in the U.S.A.

ISBN# 978-0-9831598-4-1